Thank you very much for visiting our web site.

We are a group of  professional artists. Some of us work in the studio together everyday, some work in home.

The reproductions on this site are only some samples painted by us. You could specify any paintings you want. The only limited is that the prints or images of the paintings must be available.

We can also paint according to photos, such as portrait, house, scenery, pet...

The prices of reproductions would vary according to the paintings, quality demanded and sizes.

The original oil paintings are not all from the artists of our studio. Some of them are from other artists of our city or nearby towns. The prices are from about 500 usd to 20000 usd.

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

Luxun Academy of Fine Arts is a major art college of China, located in our city. Many artists work for our studio came from this Academy.

There are artists associations of our city and province located in our city. Parts of the works on the page of Originals are from artists of the two artists associations. And some of the artists work directly for our studio too.


Our city, Shenyang, is a big city located in the Northeast of China. It's the capital of Liaoning province, and center city of Northeast of China, with population about 6 millions.

She is an industrial city, but of course there are many artists here also. Welcome to our city. 

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Government of Liaoning Province